My mood diary 1. -- How to completely understand a personLooked that a man's savoring, must 濾桶think his sock.Looked whether a woman does have a high and respected position, must think her 買屋網hand.Looked that a person's vitality, needs to think his hair.Looked that a person's plan, 室內裝潢needs to think his look. Looked that a person's sale price, needs to think his match.Looks at a 賣屋person's card in a hand. Must think he good friend. Looked that a person's disposition, 東森房屋needs to think his character writes what kind. Looked that a person is whether joyful, do not look 裝潢at the smiling face, must look that in the morning the dream awakes a time that expression.Looked 酒店工作that a person's mind, must think how he does face the defeat and is betrayed by the 裝潢human.Looked that two person's relations, need to look when has the accident, another side 房屋買賣tense degree.

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